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Wedding Videography Packages for Melbourne’s Alternative Lovers

Capturing your gung-ho love, in all of its raw, unplanned glory

You and your mate are majestic beasts. Your love isn’t replicable, and your wedding day won’t be either. Which is why I’m gonna get up close and real personal, shining the spotlight on your indie romance and all the quirks that make you, you. 

Blending the beautiful and the real - the teeth-gritting nerves, the all-consuming passion, the nail-biting awkwardness, the pit-staining sweat, the drunken revelry - to craft an original wedding film that encapsulates the chaotic splendour of your day. 

You want boiled eggs for an entree? Suck ‘em down. Planning a nudist-only reception? (Un)suit yourself. No father-daughter dance? Let’s get your mates slamming down the shots and hold a ‘lock up yo daughters’ dancing comp. 

I’m not here to tell you how to declare your love to the world, and I sure as hell won’t clone your film to be like everyone else’s. Cloning belongs in the lab, not masterpieces. So let’s leave Dolly in the labs, while you rip up the d-floor, you party animal.

The Crystal Ball Prediction

Your big day: 

                        Your dad will be standing awkwardly in the corner, trying to figure out what to do with his hands. Fiddling with his tie, he wonders if one can choke to death with the top button done up. With your mum giving him the evil eye, he knows better than to complain. 

Your partner’s mum and yours hold a spontaneous competition to out-wail each other, as you walk out in your full wedding attire. Festy snot and tears, they plough through the tissues like a dog with peanut butter. Standard behaviour. 

the best man dancing like a bull in a china shop

unplanned crocodile tears

heart wrenching bear hugs

The way you and your soulmate gaze at each other, lost in your own world. You’re so in love it makes me cringe. Crying men. Sugar-high kids. Tooting horns. Terrible dancers. Mortifying speeches. Crowd surfing. That’s the gold I look for.

These are the innate moments, stolen in time, that build the memories. Even the moments that may have slipped by unnoticed, like Uncle Bob casually watching the footy on his ginormous iPad during your first dance. I’ll be there to capture them. 

When it’s all said and done, and I’ve documented your wedding ritual from start to finish, I’ll head home to craft your film with bespoke editing, music and vibes. This is your very own rom-com. Your memories. 


Sick As Wedding Video Packages

Most monkeys like bananas, King Kong liked blonds.

What I’m getting at here is we all like different things to meet our different needs. No matter which package you choose, your delight is 10000% guaranteed. As guaranteed as Darcie trying but failing to maul innocent duck bystanders.

Package 2

Package 2

Package 3

Package 3

Short n

Short n



Package 1

Package 1



An Epic

An Epic

A Hollywood

A Hollywood



A trio of goodness to tickle your fancy 

Each of them is a ‘what you see, is what you get’ kind of deal.

Whole Day. All-Inclusive. Multiple Angles. Sniper Focus. 

No hidden add-ons, extras or nasties.

Every Package Comes With

Feature Film

The A Cuts

The ‘90s Home Movie

Super 8 Family Film

Your story in a show-stoppin’, jaw-droppin’ film that stars you, narrated by your mates and relos. Be prepared to giggle, cry, and cryggle! Just watch this video to see what I mean.

Those important parts of the day, speeches, ceremony, first dance, all in FULL with not one, not two, but MULTIPLE camera angles. This is the stuff you'll be watching on your anniversary.

Think back to the ‘90s. You watching your dad’s VHS tapes. It's long. It's shaky. It's uncut. But it's so goddam precious. Every shot of the day, from the preps to the dancefloor, unfiltered and uncut.

A super rad, super vintage, super 8 family film. This gives you something unique to show off to your friends and family and allows me to be super interactive with your guests and super creative.

And I mean it too.

So take it or leave it. 

Full-day coverage

Full-day coverage, no matter what you’ve got planned. 

Imagine if Star Wars ended before we found out who Luke’s father was? Or Titanic ended before the ship sunk? 

With easy 8 and 10-hour packages to choose from, your memories are safe AF with me. I’ll rock up with my party pants on and once I’ve gotten everything, I may or may not leave (unless you give me the boot)...depending on the tunes, the bar tab and the d-floor action.

For the 'what you get’


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I don't tame your wild. I film it.

- What’s your favourite kind of music?
- What would be your last meal on death row?
- What’s the meaning of life?
- What mating calls do you use to seduce each other?

Your answers will help me celebrate what makes you an absolute one-of-a-kind beast and why you’re embarking on this lifelong ‘ball and chain’ mission. Like the pubescent brother you never wanted, I’ll relentlessly poke and prod you for all the dirty deets so I can film every drop of juicy goodness on your big day.

I’ll start you lovebirds off with a questionnaire 

And when it’s all said and done

Me, I’m your annoying, loveable fly.

I’ll capture every angle like the fly on the wall you surprisingly don’t want to swat. Because that fly is your friend now. And even though he may be a little strange, and gets in your space in a way that some could find annoying, he’s YOUR fly.

Then on your big day

I’ll send you an edited reel, as well as 100% of the raw footage. So that even though I may just be a memory – flies only live for 28 days, ya know – you’ll always have the time we spent together.

How it'll all play out

I believe you but my Tommy Gun don’t. 

Show me the evidence.

Jess & Isaac

"Tom made us feel at home from our very first email exchange, a true sweetheart, absolutely hilarious with a talent that is unmatchable! we are so grateful and so lucky to have found him to capture our special day, not one detail was left to spare and he encapsulated us and our family absolutely perfectly. I could not recommend him enough, he is without a doubt the best videographer I have ever come across!!! We love you Tom!"

"A true sweetheart!"

Annie and Eric

We are so glad we had Tom with us on our special day to capture it all. We got so much great footage from start to finish and such a fun showreel. Tom is a talented videographer, you won’t be disappointed"

"Tom is the best! He is so kind and professional and FUN! 

Sam & Dave

As well as capturing all the best moments of our day and turning them into the most beautiful video (it makes us laugh and happy-cry every time we watch it!), he made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. As well as being incredible at what he does, he was also just a really nice presence to have around on our wedding day.
If you’re considering videography then Tom is absolutely 100% who you want!

We cannot recommend Tom highly enough! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? 

My home is in Melbourne but no matter where you are in the world; Uzbekistan, Albury or a rock in the middle of the pacific ocean, I will be there. 

What is your turn around time? 

I like to get your film done within a month of the wedding. However, in the busier periods, October to November and March to April, it may take a little longer. 

Do you photograph same-sex weddings? 

Yes! No matter how you identify, no matter how you define your relationship, I would love to be a part of your wedding day.

What happens if you’re sick? 

I have the immune system of a peacock. They can digest snake poison. If for some reason I am bitten by a snake, and I cannot absorb the poison, I will send one of the many shooters that I’ve met from my time in the industry!

Where do you get the music from?

I get all my music from musicbed.com. They are fully licensed and legal tracks to use in your film! I’d love to use commercial music in your video; however, I don’t want to get in trouble with the 5 - 0 (That part of my life is over). The music selection is based on many factors; the vibe, emotion, the story, the speeches and the outline of the whole day. However, if you’re musically inclined, we can work together to find the perfect track before I start the edit! 

Can I make changes to the film?

Yes! You get a round of changes after the highlight edit is done. 

How do we book you? Can we be best friends?

Easy. To book me, I simply ask that you bring me an exotic bird from the Amazonian rainforest, kidnap a leprechaun, brainwash my dog Darcie into loving me more than I do her...or you can just fill out this contact form. 

A $1000 deposit will secure your wedding date in my calendar and the remaining balance is due 30 days before your wedding. 

And I thought we were already besties? Awkward.


Let's be friends!
Let's be friends!
Let's be friends!

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Don’t tell Darcie though, she gets jealous. Without my undivided attention, she steals food from old ladies’ grocery bags.